Other People’s Houses: #3


Name: Louise Sutherland / Queen Stitch

Job: Property Manager / Crafter and Blogger

Location: St Albans, Christchurch.

Describe your style: Colourful. Eclectic. Ordered. Colour is everything. I could never live in a minimalist white box (and I would only spill tea everywhere).

Favourite element of your home: My red front door. Painting it the brightest red I could find was one of the first things I did when I moved in. It was something of a personal statement. It might sound airy fairy but every time I walk through it, it reminds me of who I am, how far I’ve come and what I stand for.

Plus, y’know, red doors are so sexy!

I am inspired by: My confused and awkward Anglo-Kiwi up bringing. 1950’s and 60’s design, art, fashion and culture. The films of Wes Anderson. Travel: colours and cultures of the places I have been and those where I want to go (currently Paris, Mexico, India, Scotland and Scandinavia). Vintage, up cycling and the joy of a good rummage. Being surrounded by things that have history and a back-story.

I’ll never part with: My first Matryoshka (Russian) doll. My dad brought it back for me from Istanbul when I was 9. Apparently back then Russia still got a lot of goods through the borders into Europe, so this doll is the real deal (my dad, the history nerd, always stresses the significance of this point to me, so it is my duty as a good daughter to pass it on).

If I open the doll up I can still smell the raw wood which takes me back to the exact time and place that he gave it to me. It’s amazing. I hope I can still have a good old sniff when I am an old lady!

I am obsessed with collecting: The perfect book collection. I love unusual art and design books and those weird ones you can only find at book fairs.

I believe that you can tell a lot about a person by their books (or lack of) and I think mine reflect me pretty well (if I visit your house, I will probably judge you based on your bookshelf, sorry).

Where to from here?: I don’t quite have that figured out yet (does anyone? oh God, do YOU?). Past attempts at plans have never worked out all that well.

I figure if I keep doing what I love, being a good person and saying an enthusiastic ‘yes’ to opportunities as they arise then you can’t go too far wrong…plus, you know, the Universe, karma and cosmic intervention etc etc.

Oh and I shall also continue evolving into the lovechild of Nigella Lawson, Helena Bonham Carter and Morrissey. That would be lovely.

Be sure and check out Louise’s blogs: Queen Stitch + Some Beardy To Love
Felt Store
Facebook Page
& Twitter!

Other People’s Houses #1
Other People’s Houses #2

Other People’s Houses: #2.


Name: Mark Catley / trashdesign

Job: Designer / Small Business Owner.

Location: Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand.


Describe your style: Interesting / More is More / Slightly obsessive / Fragmented.

Favourite element of your home: My room.

I am inspired by: Art, music, magazines, shapes in nature, interesting people.

I’ll never part with: My music collection.

I am obsessed with collecting: Little bits of everything – I’m trying to curb this at the moment. I would like more taxidermy.

Where to from here?: To expand my design brand. Sell all over NZ, then Australia, then London, New York, Paris, Berlin, etc etc. In an ideal world I would have my design items to generate an income and then time to create more art. I would also like to collaborate with other designers and artists. To
make truly beautiful ‘things’. Something original that you find beautiful or unique. Ideally both.

You can see more of Mark’s work in his Etsy store; Trash Design’s Facebook page and soon to be stocked here.

Other People’s Houses: #1.

Other People’s Houses: #1.


Name: David Craig

Twitter: @flashbackzoo

Job: Web Developer / Marketing Theorist / Concerned Citizen

Location: Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand


Describe your style: I grew up in small town Christchurch in the late 80’s – 90’s. There was Wu-Tang, Nirvana, Skateboarding, and bad hair cuts, you know? I don’t skate anymore.

Favorite element of your home: I really like the location. It’s hidden away up a long path amongst native foliage. You said it’s like being in a tree house, that’s what I like about it. It’s my hideout.

I am inspired by: People who create useful and beautiful things from limited resources. People finding solutions using what’s on hand really inspires me.

I’ll never part with: There isn’t much I wouldn’t part with. My possessions are always evolving and I like to travel light. Excess items become dearly departed. I’ve a shoe box of drawings, letters, photos etc people have given me over the years. I wouldn’t part with that.

I am obsessed with collecting: I’ve always collected something. First were those soak on tattoos back in the late 80’s. The designs were hardcore thinking back – flaming skulls, zombies, I think I even had a pinup girl. Then it was onto wrestling cards, Garbage Pail Kids, basketball cards. Basketball cards took over for a couple of years around ’93. I was 13 and had a part time job so had a little bit of extra money. Every non-taxable cent of it went on my collection. Upper Deck, Collectors Choice, Fleer, Fleer Ultra, Skybox, it was out of control. Working school holidays I’d save up and buy a whole box, something like 35 packs at 10 cards per pack. I’d price my doubles and try to sell them at school. I changed my after school supermarket job for a weekend job at a trading card store in ’94. That’s my most obsessive collecting phase to date. Nowadays I’m more under control. I have a small Polo collection, that’s all I have room for right now.
Where to from here?: More floor space. I live and work in my tiny apartment. I could put an extra couple of rooms to good use. My record collection has been in storage, in another city, for almost two years. A bigger space for collaborative projects would be nice too. But you know, make beautiful things with what you’ve got!