About Us

The Boy One.

Theodore Victor. Born Winter 2009. A Cancerian.

Also known as: Theo; Bubba.

Mad for technology; things with wheels; cake. Abhors being rushed; having sticky hands.

Sweet. Bright. Kind. Silly. Prone to delusions of grandeur.

Favourite lullabye: The Alphabet.

Has the worlds cutest teeth.

The Girl One.

Mabel Poppy. Born Spring 2010. A Libran.

Also known as: Mae-Mae; Lil’ Boss.

Has a fondness for jewels; high-pitched squealing; vigilante justice. Never met a potato chip she didn’t like.

Funny. Artistic. Bossy. Daredevil. Lives in a tutu and gumboots.

Favourite lullaby: Happy Birthday.

Has the worlds greatest laugh.

The Mama.

Alice Elizabeth. Born Spring 1984. A Libran.

Loves when the radio plays all her songs; a bargin; floral prints. Could do with a good nights sleep.

Natty. Silly. Idealistic. Gives good present. Prone to both delusions of grandeur and bossiness.

Spends an awful lot of time daydreaming about the furniture she would like to own in the future.

Is a writer. Is a performance poet. Is a treasure hunter. Is a social entrepreneur. Is a teacher.

The Hound.

Otto. 2009 – 2015. A Sausage Dog.

Loves sleeping in the bed until midday; licking the faces of chocolately children; Jazz. Does not like Couriers; vegetables or the vacuum cleaner.

Handsome. Clever. Amusing. A very good dog…for a bad dog.

The Cats.

Iggy Pop & Oscar Wilde. Born 2007. A Persian and an Exotic.

Enjoy drinking the milk from left-over cereal; sleeping in the vegetable garden, sitting on the Mama’s knee when she is just trying to do a wee in peace. Do not enjoy the embraces of chocolately children; Sudoku.

Hairy. Flat-faced. Charming. Tolerant. Daft but sweet.

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi,

    We’d love to have a chat with you – is that possible. You have our email and we would love to find out yours… Lots of Love Emma, Kharyn, Kylie and Tina (form MoT)

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