“We have thus far exhausted trillions of winters and summers; There are trillions ahead, and trillions ahead of them”. A list for when you’re feeling exhausted.

Call your friends. Let them sit with you (they don’t care about the state of your house, truly. No one cares. Your mess is endearing. You’re human. It happens.) Talk about stupid shit you used to do. Tell all your favourite stories, the ones that make you laugh. Remember how far you’ve come.

Kiss your pets. Water your plants. Repot that one you’ve been staring at as it slowly declines over the last month. This plant is not a metaphor. It’s just something that benefits from care. Just like you.

Throw out that mug you hate. Put flowers on your bedside table. Ask for help. Remember you are precious.

Stay off the internet for a minute. Read a book. Meditate. Even if it’s just taking 3 deep breaths.

Remember that one day at a time is a real and powerful thing. Remember that it won’t always be like this. And there’s comfort in that. And there’s something to treasure in that. Rest. Restore. Recover. Remember that it takes 72 hours after a triggering event for your brain chemistry to restore. Be patient.

Have a plan for when you’re feeling low, or anxious, or manic. Let folks close to you know what your plan is so they can support you. Support people: keep texting, calling and showing up. Even and especially when you don’t hear back. Consistency is key.

Remember, we’re all just walking each other back home.