Write me a love letter. Please. It’s been so long.


One thought on “Contact

  1. …heres a love letter..sorry its from your mother (Gibba)
    I loved you from the first moment I knew your were there
    We were destined never to agree our speeds are so different
    You slowed me down so I noticed more and I speed you up maybe so you couldnt notice
    just how lovely you truly are,

    I love;
    your wonderful humour
    your wonderful gentle understanding
    your wonderful eyes and nose and smile…and your perfect ears…and wonderful gold tresiles
    your sense of the rediculous
    your – I dont give a fuck attitude about the things that are worth fucking with
    you sense of zen like of disorder
    your ability to read your way through libraries and not notice the house is on fire
    your friends
    your kindness
    your viking courage and physical strength…you should take up rowing…or stacking arm chairs
    your impulsive passions
    your ghastly/beautiful handbags that on anyone else would be
    your big frocks and shoes
    your babies and the fact that Im lucky enough to have spent so much time with you
    thank you alice
    I love you xxxxx

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