Other People’s Houses: #1.


Name: David Craig

Twitter: @flashbackzoo

Job: Web Developer / Marketing Theorist / Concerned Citizen

Location: Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand


Describe your style: I grew up in small town Christchurch in the late 80’s – 90’s. There was Wu-Tang, Nirvana, Skateboarding, and bad hair cuts, you know? I don’t skate anymore.

Favorite element of your home: I really like the location. It’s hidden away up a long path amongst native foliage. You said it’s like being in a tree house, that’s what I like about it. It’s my hideout.

I am inspired by: People who create useful and beautiful things from limited resources. People finding solutions using what’s on hand really inspires me.

I’ll never part with: There isn’t much I wouldn’t part with. My possessions are always evolving and I like to travel light. Excess items become dearly departed. I’ve a shoe box of drawings, letters, photos etc people have given me over the years. I wouldn’t part with that.

I am obsessed with collecting: I’ve always collected something. First were those soak on tattoos back in the late 80’s. The designs were hardcore thinking back – flaming skulls, zombies, I think I even had a pinup girl. Then it was onto wrestling cards, Garbage Pail Kids, basketball cards. Basketball cards took over for a couple of years around ’93. I was 13 and had a part time job so had a little bit of extra money. Every non-taxable cent of it went on my collection. Upper Deck, Collectors Choice, Fleer, Fleer Ultra, Skybox, it was out of control. Working school holidays I’d save up and buy a whole box, something like 35 packs at 10 cards per pack. I’d price my doubles and try to sell them at school. I changed my after school supermarket job for a weekend job at a trading card store in ’94. That’s my most obsessive collecting phase to date. Nowadays I’m more under control. I have a small Polo collection, that’s all I have room for right now.
Where to from here?: More floor space. I live and work in my tiny apartment. I could put an extra couple of rooms to good use. My record collection has been in storage, in another city, for almost two years. A bigger space for collaborative projects would be nice too. But you know, make beautiful things with what you’ve got!

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