A story about love, which isn’t exactly a love story.

On the night we met I was running away. It was mid winter. A night like a hunt. Full of tigers. What had we killed to be here?

Our eyes met across a crowded room, as they tell you they will, if you believe in that sort of thing. And so often, what you believe in ends up happening to you.

I used to live in a faux fur coat of questionable origin; wide lapels of deep cream, a swing of a thing. The outfit your ghost would wear, if you could be bothered to come back; if you hadn’t decided where to go; if you hadn’t yet remembered what you believed in, depending on how you went.

I was drinking whatever beer you could find sold for less than a dollar and locked into an argument about Beat Poets, as was the style of the time.

He was a poet, too, then. Though anything you once were you often are forever. Now I know we’re all poets at heart. I’ve met enough people and heard enough stories to know that’s true for a good hundred years. But he said he was, promised it into something greater than himself.

I’d said I was a writer once. I’d hoped to direct my life down that road, not knowing yet that life knows where it’s leading. It wasn’t as true as that I wrote. That’s the funny thing about bravery. When you say: I don’t feel very brave, but I try very hard.
Something answers back: What’s the difference?

I fell in love with him twice a day for 6 weeks. We had the same songs in us. That was enough. Until it wasn’t.

Years later, someone asked me why I thought anyone would want to talk to God. I said; because people have questions they don’t want to have to wait for life to answer.

One thought on “A story about love, which isn’t exactly a love story.

  1. I love you and how you choose to remember things in your life this way.I forgot to remember most of mine and Im sure if I had tried then you would have something to read not quite as lovely as this…what a clever and deeply sensitive you you are…makes me remember how specialI it felt when I first held you…and still do feel your specialness xxx we are so lucky to have you here on earth little angel to remind everyone about the beautiful stuff most people like me leave behind.

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