Three Hundred & Sixty Five – Days at Home: Week Sixteen.


Homemade hummus made by my helpers and then wolfed on toast. / Finding my Grandmothers signature in books – I like to run my fingers over her name. She was the coolest and I miss her. / Theodore…why are all these spoons in your bed? / Oh. That’s why. Obsessed with spelling and reading. / Freesias on the mantlepiece. / So much better than the powerbill – postcards from adventures of a different kind. This one flew all the way from Wyoming. / Tiny dancer tutu legs from our nightly dance party. / Yep. This post is still my life. / These are the things you will get asked if you are Vegan: 1) BUT, WHAT ABOUT CHEESE? & 2) But…what do you eat? So I thought I might include a photo each week of something easy and Vegan that you might like to try to make for yourself. Or, for if you ever encounter this conversation in the wild, so prepared are you to answer; ‘well, actually! Vegans eat all sorts of things! For example…’.

Breakfast Shake. Throw a frozen banana (I am currently experimenting with the best way to freeze bananas. My life is very exciting, I know. Like, can you peel them first? Because freezing your mits off trying to cut the peel off post-freeze is the pits. Stay tuned!) in your blender with a cup of the mock milk of your choosing. Whizz on high and add something exciting. Here I used a heaped tablespoon of passionfruit pulp. It was delicious.


12 thoughts on “Three Hundred & Sixty Five – Days at Home: Week Sixteen.

  1. Yes, the post freeze peel is REALLY cold! I changed to peeling, cutting and putting them into plastic bags. Much easier when you come to use them 🙂 How cool that he is spelling his name with spoons! xx

  2. oh this is quite the loveliest thing to read… writing his name in SPOONS??? how unbelievably cute is that?! And obviously he is in a great environment and loves learning – yay you foxy mama! Re bananas I think the peeling before hand thing would work fine, and in chunks then they would be easy to chuck in to the blender… Thanks for your tips on veganism… I am trying to make a start in vegetarianism and also dairy-free(yucky skin and yummy), but am finding it hard I have to admit 😦 Me want FOOD!!!

    • Thank you, sweetness.

      He’s blowing my mind on the daily with his cleverness and creativity. It’s amazing and awe-inspiring and quite bewildering. But I love it.

      The thing with any changes, I think, is just to make a start. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Find things you love to eat that also make you feel great and start ingratiating tham into your regular menus. Let me know if you’d like me to write more about my veganism, or if you’d like links to some great online resources. I will totally be your vegan sponsor! Good luck my darling xx

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