That’s no Gouda.

Mabel comes tearing into the living room, in distress.

Mabel: ‘Mama! There’s an angry, angry cheese!’

Alice: ‘An angry, angry…cheese?’

Mabel: ‘Yes!’

Alice: ‘Um…I’m not sure what to do with that information, Mae. That’s…no good?’

Theo enters.

Theo: ‘No! I am a happy, happy cheese!’


Sometimes you just have to let them brie.

One thought on “That’s no Gouda.

  1. Please pre-warn your readers not to drink a glass of water while reading such goodness. My nose just turned into a hose. For the love of all the stray cats in Hong Kong, I heart a beaut punch line.

    Ps. Nearly wrote ‘pre-warm’… that’s an entirely different kettle of fish right there.

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