Three Hundred & Sixty Five: Days at Home / Sixty-Five.

65 65

New Treasures.

View-Master slide highlights include: Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. The Wedding of Princess Margaret. Star Trek – The Motion Picture.

Vase and scales from the EcoShop – which thinks it’s a bit fancy, now it’s no longer, like, at the dump. But still, the above only ran me $5, so one mustn’t complain.


Linking in with the Op-Shop Show-Off.

8 thoughts on “Three Hundred & Sixty Five: Days at Home / Sixty-Five.

  1. Oh a viewmaster! I loved those things as a kid. It’s definitely another thing I should start looking out for, for my own kids. Seems like you got the best slides too. x

  2. sounds like you got some classics of the view-master genre, but what, no snoopy?!! lurve the red kitchen scales, BARGIN! grand to have you linky up with us x

  3. I LOVE viewmasters. I had one as a child & I thought it was the coolest thing. I finally found one a couple of years ago as I still had my original reels. Those red scales are fabulous too.

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