Ridiculous Animal Photograph: Buried Alive.

R.A.T / Buried Alive

Theo: ‘We have buried Otto, Mama! He is our prisoner!’

Alice: ‘Your prisoner? Oh dear. And what was his crime?’

Theo: ‘He is a bad dog! He ate Mae-Mae’s lunch!’

Alice: ‘Off with his head!’

(A warning, dear readers, about the nature of children: they will seize upon, with great ferocity, all the things you say that are best not repeated, oh, I don’t know, at the Dairy, say. And when you are waiting, as patiently as possible, behind a heavily tattooed gentleman who is paying for his two mince and cheese pies and a coke with what appears to be solely 20c pieces, and your son takes it upon himself to roar ‘OFF WITH HIS HEAD!’, you will know, you only have yourself to blame.)

2 thoughts on “Ridiculous Animal Photograph: Buried Alive.

  1. …and as the mother of a very articulate opportunistic child…I couldnt agree more…its the miss quotes out of context that really blow your mind ….wait this will come 🙂

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