Mae’s Anatomy.

Mabel: ‘Mama; Theo hasĀ a pemis?’

Alice: ‘Yes, darling. Theo has a penis.’

Mabel: ‘And Buzz Lightyear has a pemis?’

Alice: ‘For the purpose of this excercise, yes.’

Mabel: ‘Do I have a pemis?’

Alice: ‘No, darling. You have a vagina.’

Mabel: ‘I have a ‘gina?’

Alice: ‘That’s right. Girls have a vagina and boys have a penis.’

Mabel: ‘…book has a pemis?’

Alice: ‘No. A book is just a book.’

Mabel: ‘And a chicken has a body!’


Oh My.

Mabel: ‘Mama; Bubba is scared!’

Alice: ‘Oh, no! What’s Bubba scared of, Darling?’

Mabel: ‘The Lion!’

Alice: ‘The Lion? Oh dear. Where is this Lion?’

Mabel: ‘On the front step!’

Alice: ‘The front step! How bold! What are we going to do?’

Mabel: ‘…We’ll put him in a basket…’

Alice: ‘Okay.’

Mabel: ‘…and put him on the bus!’

Alice: ‘The bus?’

Mabel: ‘Yes. That’s a good idea.’

Alice: ‘Another problem solved.’