Morning Alarm.

Theo: ‘Mama! Mae-Mae put it down the hole!’

It is 6am.

Alice: ‘Hmm? What, darling? What did Mae put down the hole? …What hole? What’s happening?’


Alice: ‘There’s no need to yell, darling. What did Mae put down the hole?’

Theo: ‘…The thing.’

Alice: ‘What thing?’

Theo: ‘THE THING!’

I need a cup of tea.

Alice: ‘I don’t know what thing you mean, darling. You’ll have to explain it to me.’

Theo: ‘The…thing! What do you call it? What’s it’s name?’

Alice: ‘…I’m not sure, sweetheart, I didn’t see what happened. Where did you get the thing from?’

Theo: ‘…Your bag.’

Alice: ‘…It’s my Eftpos card, isn’t it?’

Theo: ‘…Yes.’

4 thoughts on “Morning Alarm.

  1. Sounds a little like when I visited you the night before I left for the other side of the world and Theodorable lifted my wallet from my handbag at some point in the evening and I returned home, paniced like a crazy woman, cursed, yelled and blamed everyone at home. Then when I found out what happened, all I could do was smile and say “bless!”

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