Don’t Come Knockin’.

It is an invariable truth of life that when someone arrives at your house unannounced you will not be at your best.

Parenthood adds variables. Someone will always be in the middle of a poo. Someone will have always just woken up and be furious about it. Someone will be in a state of undress. It will probably be you.

Depending on whether you actually permit them past the threshold (‘Oh, so nice to see you! I’m terribly sorry; we were just on our way out the door!’) there will then be the various degrees of apologising and trying to best avoid the veritable explosion you live in. You will lie to people you love; ‘Oh, excuse the mess! It’s not usually like this! You just caught us on a busy day!’. There will be no where to sit that is not covered in unfolded washing. You will try to remember how to be hospitable. Tea? Coffee? When are you leaving? I mean, welcome! Welcome! So nice to see you.



One thought on “Don’t Come Knockin’.

  1. I would just like to say Alice has a beautiful home because it is full of love and it shows in the vocabulary and confidence of her children…at least you open the door Alice…I can remember comando crawling across the lounge floor and hiding behind the door waiting for the dog to stop pinning them to the out side house wall so that they could leave….Im sorry I wasnt good at receiving visitors like you are….

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